Extending the circle: Delivering a “whole person” workplace wellness strategy

Actionable guidance on integrating digital mental health solutions into corporate wellness strategies

Now that hybrid working has become the norm for many, managing a healthy work/life balance is becoming ever more challenging, as the boundaries blur between work and home life.

The playbook highlights the 6 pillars of a whole-person wellbeing programme for corporate mental health strategies: 

  • Bringing families into scope
  • Supporting new parents
  • Addressing stress
  • Building resilience
  • Helping employees break the cycle of
    money worries
  • Encouraging the superpower that is sleep

A wellbeing strategy that supports the whole person, not just the part of them that they bring to work, is the gold standard in workplace wellbeing and mental health provision. Over time, solutions need to flex enough to address this broad spectrum of need. The SilverCloud® by Amwell® digital mental health platform delivers best-in-class mental health and wellbeing support.

Download the playbook to learn more.

Download the Playbook

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