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New data revealed: Workplace mental health for business productivity

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Watch this discussion as we delve into the key insights from one of the 'most comprehensive employee mental health studies to date'. Recorded in Europe’s Tech Hub, Ireland, we highlight learnings as to how company mental wellness can unlock better productivity and to support whole employee care.

With 3 in 5 employees reporting feeling depressed or down and about 2 in 5 feeling stressed, anxious or burnt-out, workplace wellbeing still has a long way to go in Ireland. However, when implemented, digital mental health solutions have been highly successful – with over 9 in 10 (92%) employees finding them beneficial when used. In December 2022 we commissioned a survey of over 500 employees in medium or large organisations across Ireland, to assess the state of their mental health and wellbeing, and how supported they felt while at work. In this recorded webinar, John Ryan, CEO of Healthy Place to Work chairs a discussion on what the results mean and what we can do to improve mental health workplace.

If you want to understand how to implement a mental health strategy that will yield the sustainability and productivity that true employee wellbeing offers, watch this webinar to hear from our expert speakers:

  • John Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Healthy Place to Work
  • Eoin Joy, Chief Property Officer and Head of ESG, Iconic Offices
  • Dr Angel Enrique, Senior Digital Mental Health Scientist, Amwell

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