On-Demand Webinar

Enhancing Mental Health Care with Digital CBT: A Webinar for GPs

On-Demand Webinar | Tuesday 10th October  | 8PM BST

Watch our panel of experts engage in an in depth discussion on how SilverCloud® by Amwell® interactive programmes can enhance the mental health care offering for patients. 


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It’s no secret that wait times for mental health support in Ireland are creating barriers of access for people in Ireland.

Digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) is available to General Practitioners (GPs) in Ireland via the SilverCloud® by Amwell® and HSE partnership.

This webinar is designed to educate GPs on the SilverCloud platform’s Digital CBT programmes and discuss how these programmes can enhance the mental health care offering for patients. 

Hosted by a panel of experts including Dr. Aoife O'Sullivan, ICGP Clinical Lead for Mental Health and Rachel Bothwell, CEO and founder of GP Practice Ally.  

Research is showcasing the benefits of Digital CBT in treating patients with mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. This can support with waitlist management, giving immediate access to mental health support to patients with mild to moderate symptoms, freeing mental health care professionals to work with patients with more severe needs.  

Data from our partnership with the HSE is showing strong patient outcomes and high user satisfaction with Digital CBT.  

This webinar looks at the below topics:

  • What is Digital CBT? Discussion on the research, outcomes for patients in using Digital CBT and clinical validity of Digital CBT.  
  • Patient suitability and governance Structure – who is suitable for Digital CBT and who is not? How is risk managed with Digital CBT?
  • How can Digital CBT support with waitlists for people seeking mental health support?
  • How do you refer a patient to Digital CBT programmes?
  • The current climate for practice managers & staff in terms of their mental health
  • Showcase a demo of the SilverCloud platform’s Digital CBT programmes 


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